I have never really known what a blog is.  Daryl Cagle invited me, one time, to write a little something for his blog to tell his readers where I get my religious, right-wing wacko ideas….which I did.  I think I got a little feedback on my long-winded sermon, but I forgot to keep track of it. 

So here I am, 68 years old, and just entering into the 21st century…(or is the 22nd now?)

I’m now tech-savy enough to handle e-mail and I’m able to send my cartoons to Creator’s Syndicate via the net.  I can do photoshop shading on my ink and brush renderings so I don’t have to buy the expensive half-tone paper anymore.  My daughter, Amy, has helped me set up the web site you are looking at right now so you are witnessing my first attempt at a blog.  

All this is to say, if you choose to make comments about my stuck-in-a-time-warp, wordy cartoons and my old-fashioned ideas, please be gentle and patient with me.

“What makes me want to enter this digital mine field when I’m safe and secure with my Social Security check coming in regularly,” you  ask?

The answer is, “I don’t think God is done with me yet.”

I’m entering my “sage” stage so I believe I still have something interesting to say to anyone who might want to listen.  I’m also open to hope and change in my personal worldview.  Believe it or not, people have actually said something to me that  makes sense.

So, here we go.  Thanks for looking at my stuff.  Your comments are invited.

Chuck Asay       
10/20/2010 02:17:24 pm

Very nice! You will be able to "bridge the gap" between your generation and mine. I look forward to visiting regularly to see my own religious, right-wing, political positions given humor and wit.
I've already shared your site on facebook, so hopefully many of my friends will come visit too. =)

Keep using God's talent's to make a great return for him.

Barb from Idaho
10/23/2010 01:21:00 pm

Hey there Chuckles,

The World needs all of the Asay Doodles Talent it can get.....therefore keep on keepin' on! And don't forget that the older your grow, the more fine tuned you become. The Lord makes sure of that!

Love you and your sense of humor,

Your friend, BarbieV

10/27/2010 11:25:43 am

How warm and inviting your website is! It reflects you perfectly: honest, forthright, and just half a bubble off plumb!

Keep up your great work, Chuck! God has blessed you abundantly!


10/28/2010 01:13:47 am

Love your work.

Great talking with you at the Y this morning.


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