A reader commented on the cartoon about my cartoon depicting the democratic party as being a union flack.  (see new toons)

He asked: "Why so much concern...the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers will protect you!"

Here's my response:

No, I don't expect them to protect me.  I expect their self-interest would protect my tax dollars...assuming they aren't government shills..like Goldman Sachs or General Electric.  


Let's see if this idea connects:  When one party, either Democrat or Republican, takes money from a special interest, it has the potential to corrupt our system of government.  The corrupt politician gets power in exchange for favored treatment he/she might grant to the enterprise.  Do we agree here?  


Just as a side issue, I don't have any problem with private companies protecting their own self interest by hiring someone to petition (lobby) government to work on their behalf.  We now have a government which is into picking winners and losers in the marketplace.  Corporations have a right to defend themselves just as private individuals do.  


If a public union (which after all is a special interest) exchanges their member's money for power, who is the big loser? Wouldn't it be the taxpayer who is not connected to the union?  


If say, Republican Airlines gives the Republican party gobs of cash in expectation of favored treatment, I can decide whether to fly that airline or not.  Right?  I would pick an alternative airline on principle and my own self interest.  I would assume the price of the airline ticket would be reflected by the company's bad judgment.


If the teacher's union gives a gob of money to the Democratic party, where are people going to send their children to school if they can't afford a private alternative?  


Shouldn't both democrats and republicans be looking out for ALL working people who keep the government in business?


 How about it?  Chuck

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